Turns out the Gracie Academy thinks I’m somewhat competent in my techniques.  I’m nowhere near perfect scoring an 81% (with 80% being the minimum passing score).  You can check out the qualification videos (big THANKS! to Paul for helping with this) on my companion YouTube site:  http://www.youtube.com/user/JonnysJiuJitsu

00:50 (*on ALL elbow escapes !) – Did not maintain the closeness (hug the back with your free arm and keep your head close to the chest)

02:01 – Incorrect arm work (do not swim both hands together & inadequate shoulder angling

02:05 (*onwards) – Insufficient modification of the mount (back knee too low, rear hook out of position)

Note @ 02:14 – Control the shoulder during the remount

02:47 – Insufficient frame (incorrect ‘thumbless’ grip and flat blade positioning)

03:18 – Incorrect finishing grip (should change back to thumbless after the head loop)

Note @ 03:34 & 03:49 – No chin alignment and do not crossed feet!

04:02 (*onwards throughout the entire test) – Incorrect finishing grips (should be x2 ‘thumb-full’) / Errors include: 04:10 – Insufficient mount modification & 04:16 – Incorrect finishing grips / Errors include: 04:25 – Incorrect grips (should be thumb full on wrist and thumbless behind elbow) 04:28 – Incorrect grip (must be thumb full when under the neck) / Errors include: 04:47 – Incorrect grips (should be thumb full on wrist and thumbless behind elbow) 04:50 – Incorrect grip (must be thumb full when under the neck) 04:53 – Incorrect grip (should be x2 thumb full during figure four) 04:59 – Incorrect finishing Grips (should be x2 thumb full grips.

00:55 – No head control

01:14 – Incorrect leg work

Note @ 01:35 – Incorrect timing (move your framing arm ‘before’ stepping over the head)

Note @ 03:44 – Use fall momentum to help facilitate the sweep following up

01:32 (*onwards on ALL frames) – Weak Frame (must be ‘solid’ arm positioning with a ‘thumb full’ grip on wrist)

Note @ 01:09 (*onwards) – It is easier and have greater control to pass guard in the direction you are facing)

02:01 – Did not release your grip just before reaching the ground


Note @ 02:44 – Brace the inside of the knee when stepping in for the take down and increase your ‘level drop’ to create the important momentum needed

03:08 – Did not ‘unlock’ the knee with yours.

Note @ 00:29 & 00:32 – * As mentioned previously

Note @ 00:36 – * As mentioned previously

Note @ 00:48 – * As mentioned previously

02:02 – Incorrect arm work


Note @ 02:43 – * As mentioned previously

Note @ 03:50 – Insufficient arm wrap ?

04:01 – No kick stand (back leg out)

“Good job Jonathan, overall your demonstrated a competent  understanding of the Gracie Combatives techniques. There are however a number of errors that still need to be addressed but we are confident that after reviewing ALL your notes and deductions that you will be able to identify and correct ALL these areas of concern. With that being said you should be proud of what you have and will continue to achieve as you are already setting an excellent example for others. Your goal of becoming one of our certified instructors is STILL realistic and viable and if you choose to retake this test with that in mind then consider all these notes and deductions as an invaluable blue print of exactly how to do go about doing it. Congratulations on your blue belt.”  – Gracie University

You can also search out my Gracie Jiu Jitsu profile at:  https://www.gracieuniversity.com/LC/about_view.aspx?c=63QJ4TGT7X&n=28.  Remember to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel and come back often!

  1. slideyfoot says:

    Cool: thanks for sharing that! Very interesting to see how they breakdown errors in these tests.

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