Review: Jaco Clothing Short Sleeve Loose Compression Rashguard

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Gear and Reviews
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Jaco Clothing has provided the MMA community a new rashguard!  I’m pumped about it!  I gotta tell you, when MMAHQ told me to expect a rashguard in the mail my first thought was “oh great, another generic rashguard..” I was expecting the nylon/spandex, skin-tight rashguard which is the industry norm having been carried over from the scuba and surfing community.  After opening the package, however, I was impressed!  The feel from first touch is almost like silk.  Soft and smooth.  Natural.  Organic.  Jaco definitely delivered when they said, “…ultra breathable Bamboo/Spandex blend provides a cashmere-like feel and comfortable formed fit…”

Another feature I noticed are the, “strategically placed mesh panels help regulate body temperature”.  You’ll find these on the upper and lower portions of the back and under the arms.  I roll in Florida where its 95 degrees with 90% humidity, so I truly appreciate these cooling panels!  However, they may also be a design flaw.

Another cool feature to their new rashguard is the mouthguard pocket.  You wouldn’t think it but this is surprisingly helpful.  There’s nothing more annoying than dropping your mouthguard while chatting with the instructor or taking a drink of water.  It’s the small details that make or break a new product.  This is one of those details that makes me think the designers are users, and not just recycling a design that’s already been around.

I spent an hour this afternoon on the mats with it.  All in all, I was again very impressed.  I thought I might get caught up in it like an old t-shirt, but I didn’t.  The more I rolled, the more it clung to my skin.  I thought it might also catch on the mat a bit but it didn’t.  The biggest critique I can give you is that it rubbed a little and left a bit of a rash under my arms.  Not exactly what you want from a rashguard but the pro’s far outweigh the con’s.  I can honestly recommend this shirt to anyone who want’s a quality rashguard to either practice no-gi or gi.

4 out of 5 stars and the best rashguard I’ve seen in a while!  Big THANKS! to my sponsor, MMAHQ for sending me some gear to review.  Go check them out and like them on Facebook! (end shameless advertising plug..)

Jaco Clothing Loose Compression Rashguard from Jaco Clothing on Vimeo.


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