Training with One of Alabama’s Best (Pt. 1 of 2)

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Gear and Reviews, Schools

I’ve said before that I’m both blessed and cursed by my job.  I have to travel a bit so I get to tour and visit dojo’s testing myself against other Jiu-Jitsu practitioner’s, sampling some of the different flavors of styles, and making a few new friends and teammates.  However, this time, I was able to bring the training to me!

Craig Helton teaching a Guard Pass to Knee on Belly

Craig Helton teaching a Guard Pass to Knee on Belly

Craig Helton agreed to come down and train with some teammates and I.  For those of you who don’t know Craig, let me introduce you to one of Alabama’s best trainers!  A police officer in Atmore, owner of Titan Martial Arts Academy and a 4th degree Purple Belt under Adriano Lucio from Brazilian Top Team, he’s one of the best experts to hit up when you need to roll!

Craig is an excellent teacher and instructor in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  This is made obvious by his team’s success on the mat and in the ring.  Google Titan Martial Arts in Atmore, AL and you’ll find plenty of news feeds reporting wins for their team.  Check out their Facebook page and all you’ll see is pictures of his team wearing medals or belts.

Craig spent his time teaching us some passes, as well as refining some previously learned techniques.  Learning a few new drills will also add to the arsenal of our onslaught on the mat!  One of the great things about Craig’s teaching was his desire not to reteach a technique we already knew in a different way, but to clean up what we had already been taught.   Sometimes you get these instructors who think you’re doing the whole damn thing wrong and want you to restart from scratch on the technique.  Craig says, hey, what you’re doing is correct, but we can make it even better and here’s how.  It’s the small details that make your technique perfect.  It’s also the small details that make instructors perfect.  Craig is a master at making the small details a large part of your training.

You can feel his passion for the sport.  His kids are all involved in it.  He loves to teach it.  He talks about it all the time and pushes it out to the world.  He’s one of the best and I look forward to continued training with him!  What’s next?  I’m going to visit Team Titan to do some training with Craig on his mats!

Check him and his team out!

Titan Martial Arts Academy


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