The Most Technique Packed Jiu-Jitsu Magazine on the Market

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Gear and Reviews, Off the mats..
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Picking up where issue two left off, issue three of Jiu-Jitsu Magazine’s main feature this month is 8X World Champ Andre Galvao!  Last time he showed us a few drills to practice giving us the smallest hint of what was to come.  This time he gives us 20 different drills and techniques throughout the magazine.  TWENTY!!  What makes it even better?  Next issue promises us even more Andre!  Holy brown cow!

“So what”, you ask?  Look – Jiu-Jitsu Magazine isn’t just sending us a few random techniques here and there and then moving on to the next professor they can find.  They’re building on each issue with each piece of instruction featuring the same instructor who can provide you with a base line on which to build from.  Oh sure, this is a one-time thing, you say.  Nope!  Takedowns with Marcelo Carvalho.  This guy was in here last time too!  I do wish the Gracie Academy had made a return, though (hint hint).

The building and stacking isn’t limited to techniques and instructors, either.  Stretching, strength, conditioning, strategizing, injury prevention, muscle recovery and dieting are all reoccurring themes.  And, I like it.  The simple stuff makes the difference.  The scientific shorts are my favorite.  Like the bit about getting yourself a brown cow – which won’t make any sense unless you go out and get the magazine!

So what’s new?  How about 7 half-guard techniques with Lucas Leite?  Lucas Leite!!  If you don’t know who he is you better find yourself some Google!  As always, the opinion pieces are spot on.

If that wasn’t enough, this magazine isn’t a market whore.  There are only a few ads in here so you’re not staring at 6-million different versions of the same t-shirt, trying to find some kind of content in the midst of mind-boggling commercialism (I’m talking to you, UFC Magazine).

If you spend 15 minutes a training session practicing 1 or 2 of the drills provided in this magazine you’ll be the better player.  Bottom line, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you’re wrong.  Go get you some!

Check Jiu-Jitsu Magazine out on Facebook.  You can read my review of Issue #2 here.

  1. slideyfoot says:

    I do wish the Gracie Academy had made a return, though (hint hint).

    I’m not sure if you also read Jiu Jitsu Style, but my history piece for issue #5 is going to be on Rorion’s academy. 🙂

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