The Manto Tap Cancer Out Longsleeve Rash Guard – Choking The Life From Disease

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Gear, Gear and Reviews
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I’ve been grappling in my Manto Tap Cancer Out rash guard for a while now and it’s great!  Initially writing this, I stumbled upon the fact that this will be a joint review.  First, this is a Manto rash guard with design input from a charity.  So if there’s a design flaw or a feature that I didn’t enjoy, who takes the hit for it?  Manto or TapCancerOut?  Who get’s the praise if there’s a feature that I love?  There are, obviously, many dilemmas with this.

Also, I have to point out my bias.  Cancer has taken both of my grandmothers from my family and I.  I feel very deeply for TapCanerOut’s mission:  “Tap Cancer Out is a jiu-jitsu based nonprofit (pending 501(c)(3) status) that raises awareness and funds for cancer fighting organizations on behalf of the grappling community.”  I almost feel as if I must provide a positive contribution to this organization.  However, I also have a personal, ethical responsibility to myself to be completely honest.  How fair would it be for me to lie to myself?  Would that help TCO?  In the long run, Karma’s a bitch and would most likely burn the shrine I’m trying to build.

Style and Design

Front view. I totally dig the red paneling down the sides. It gives the wearer a trim, fit look ~ even if you’re a fatty like me!

TapCancerOut and Manto have done a fantastic job in designing this rash guard.  The simple look of red and black is excellent.  It’s clean and simple.  I especially enjoy the red paneling that runs under the arms and down the sides of the torso, creating that superhero, masculine, framed look.  I’m also pleased that TCO kept it simple by just using the large logo on the chest and the fist and ribbon logo on the back.

Back view. Check out the simple look of the logo.


Manto is known for their high quality products.  There’s essentially no worry when you buy from them.  You know, with little doubt or worry, you’re getting a piece of gear that is going to last.  They use triple-stitching throughout the rash guard, except around the neck, where Manto opted to use double-stitching.  After wearing and washing the rash guard multiple times I have been unable to find any loose threads or places where the stitching had run off the seam.

The rash guard is a fully dye-sublimated print.  What this means is that the molecules are locked into the fabric.  Unlike the old-school rash guards which are screen printed and have a tendency to crack, peel and/or fade, TCO’s rash guards will not.  They’ll hold up much longer than screen printed rash guards and retain their original colors much longer.


The Manto TCO rash guard is probably my favorite fitting rash guard.  At 6′ and 195 lbs I typically wear a size XL.  With most long sleeve rash guards the arms run a bit long and bunch up around the wrist.  Manto’s did not do this which was pleasantly surprising.

Another plus was that the crew neck cut wasn’t choking me.  Sometimes rash guards can be so tight that they create a claustrophobic feeling when you wear them.  This wasn’t the case.  Instead of being up around my throat the cut of the neck sat lower and flatter to my chest and clavicle bones.  The rash guards torso is plenty long, as well, so there’s no fear of it riding up and coming un-tucked from your shorts or gi pants.

A con for this rash guard is where the stitching comes together on the back of the shoulder blades.  The material pulls and stretches and looks as if it’s going to eventually rip at the merge point.  I can’t tell you if it will affect the longevity of the rash guard but if you have a large back or big deltoids you may want to go up an extra size.

You can see where the three seams meet. May be a consideration if you pump a lot of iron and have huge deltoids.


The TCO Manto rash guard does exactly what it advertises.  It breathes well and helps wick away sweat.  The rash guard is 89% polyester and 11% spandex, allowing it to stretch.  When it stretches you can almost see through the material making it like a second skin, which means you’re not going to overheat in it.

There’s no chaffing anywhere.  I’ve had rash guards that run up under the arm pits and actually cause a rash.  I’ve had some that roll up around the waste and cut into the body.  The TCO rash guard doesn’t do any of that.  I love it!


At the end of the day, this is a great rash guard for the money!  It comes in a short or long sleeve variation, fits great, is non-abrasive and supports a great cause!  At $50 it’s right around the average price of rash guards on the market today.  It might actually be slightly less than the average, actually.  However, instead of the profits going into the pockets of some greedy corporation, they’re going towards fighting that horrific disease of cancer!  BUY YOURS TODAY!

4.5 out of 5.

  1. Thanks Jonny! Glad you liked it. The original design actually didn’t have the paneling on the arms, so I was a little disappointed when I received them that way. However, they’ve grown on me and it does distinguish the rash guard, and it’s a feature you love, so I’m happy.

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