Review: Scramble Grip Trainers

Posted: March 24, 2013 in Gear, Gear and Reviews


The meak will inherit the earth.  It’s part of why we love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ).  You don’t have to be the strongest.  You don’t have to have the most endurance.  You don’t have to be the smartest.  You don’t have to be the best in any one thing.  It’s about leverage and technique.  Finesse over brawn.

However, all things being equal, such as two brown belts who have been practicing BJJ with similar training schedules, starting at the same age, of the same body weight and of the same age, strength and endurance may very well be the determining factor.  That being said, you want to build the right kind of strength and the right kind of endurance.

DSC03189Enter Scramble Grip Trainers!  The Scramble grip trainers are essentially gi sleeves which you can attach to an assortment of weight lifting equipment.  They’re extremely durable feeling with a 550 gsm pearl weave fabric and heavy stitching.  There’s absolutely no fear that they’re going to tear or separate at any of the seams.  They also have a super slick design on the inside of the sleeve.

There are only two minor changes I would make to the grip trainers.  First, I’d love it if they could stitch in a lapel along the side of the sleeve somehow.  There’s really not any good way to train lapel grips on it if there’s no lapel.  Second, the stitching at the end of the sleeve is not like that of a normal sleeve.  Scramble has tacked the edges which make it a little bit difficult to get a good spider grip.  You can still do it, don’t get me wrong but it’s just slightly annoying.  This is me being picky and these are absolutely NOT reasons to avoid purchasing these grip trainers.  They are still great tools to have in your gym bag!

I hooked these grip trainers up to a kettle bell and did some swings with them.  Kettle bells are hard enough.  Adding a grip trainer to the mix changes EVERYTHING!  My forearms were on fire!  I also had some of the cross-fit guys show me some of their exercises.  One of them was called “Skin the Cat” (demonstrated below).  It’s an exercise where you hang from the rings, flip yourself inverted and slowly let your hips fall below your shoulders and then return to the starting position.  Now do it with grip trainers!  Again, your forearms and finger grips will hate you but you’ll thank me later!  I later connected the grip trainers to a pull-up bar and did some different exercises.

All in all, I think they’re a great training aid!  I think they’re worth every penny you’ll pay and you’ll actually use them!  In the 10 minutes before class or the 10 minutes after, you can definitely begin to separate yourself from your training partners and the competition by performing a few simple exercise which will increase the strength and endurance of both your grips and forearms.  Go here and get yourself a pair of Scramble Grip Trainers!

Big thanks to the guys at North End Fitness Center and Chimera Mixed Martial Arts for helping me test the Scramble Grip Trainers!


1. Start by standing and grabbing the grip trainers using a pistol grip. Try not to make this face.
2. Pull yourself up, flexing at the hips and pushing your feet up to the ceiling.
3. Continuing the pull, try and get your body inverted.
4. Slowly lower yourself down rotating at the shoulders. Allow your hips to fall below the horizontal plane of your shoulders. Finish by rotating back to the starting position or releasing your feet to the floor.


1. Start by hanging the grip trainers on the pull up bars.
2. Grab the grip trainers with a cross-choke lapel grip.
3. Execute a pull up. Rotate your wrists (as you would when you perform a cross-choke), finishing the pull-up when your chin reaches the apex of the pull.


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