Today on MMAHQ are the Jon Jones FORM shorts for $30

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Today on MMAHQ are the Jon Jones FORM shorts for $30.

Jon Jones Fight Shorts $30

Don’t miss the daily deals on MMAHQ.



2 hours of filming
5 hours of group classes
1 private class
Sparring 30 min, one morning, one evening, intensity (7-8)

  • -Fast sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • -Allowing partners to move and not submit me
  • -Submitting partners anytime possible
  • -Controlled and safe submissions

KeepItPlayful Tuesday
2 hours of filming
6-7 group classes
3 private classes
Sparring 30 min., one morning, one evening, intensity  (4-5)

  • -Very relaxed sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • – Tap and get tapped flow
  • – Enjoy defeat
  • – Explore all inferior positions

Wednesday “Rest day”
2 group classes
8 private classes
Flow with Private class students
Give extra attention to the psychology of the art in private classes.

Thursday (No gi)
5 group classes
2 private classes
Sparring One 45 min. session intensity (8-9)

  • -6-8 oz gloves and mouthpiece
  • -Jiu-jitsu with striking
  • -Standing start-up
  • -Strikes at 10-15% to show vulnerability
  • -Establish and…

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