Having my own training space and having trained at numerous schools has provided the neccessity to create my own personal etiquette for practicing Jiu Jitsu.  These are my own general rules that I personally follow.  I hope you’ll take them and apply them in your practice!

1.  Wash your body.  Wash your gear.  Brush your teeth.  Wear deoderant.  No one wants to smell your stank.  And remember, if you stink, I will make fun of you!

2.  Wash your hands before you start training.  Kill the germs that you plan on spreading to the rest of us.

3.  Keep your toenails and fingernails cut short and keep them clean.  No one wants your dragon claws dragging across their skin!

4.  No shoes, food, or drinks on the mat.  Water is okay, but don’t stand in the middle of the mat and dribble it down your chin and onto the training space.

5.  Introduce yourself to your partner!  Shake hands, learn each others name, and take the time to be cordial.  Remember, we are practicing and training together.  We are on the same team!  Train like a team!

6.  Be on time!!  There’s nothing worse than the guy that shows up 15 minutes late and disrupts the whole flow of class.  Show up early and be socialable.  Training like a team, remember?


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