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Coach Jonny recently had an article released on BJJ Performance.  Head over there and check it out when you get a chance!


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I traveled not too long ago to Coronado, CA for some business.  I did some sight-seeing and touring of the area and a few drop in’s.  One stop was Gracie Jiu-Jitsu of La Jolla.  I really enjoyed my experience there.  Here’s a quick review.  If you ever get the chance, go check them out!  Congratulations to Matthew Becker on his recent promotion to Purple Belt!

gjjlj front

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu La Jolla, a small dojo in the heart of La Jolla about 30 minutes from Coronado, California, where I was staying. It was very clean and organized. The mats were not dirty and no one stunk. The dojo didn’t smell like a gym, which is definitely a plus.  Although it was one of the smaller professional training locations I’d been to it still easily fit 10 people on the mat.

I was met by Dione Becker, a Blue Belt herself and the wife of GJJ-LJ’s head Instructor and (then) Blue Belt, Matt Becker.  She greeted me at the door, had me sign the standard liability paperwork and gave me a quick tour of the dojo.  She showed me where the dressing room was.  After introducing myself to a few of the guys, changing, stretching and warming up, I met Matt.  We talked briefly and he then started class.  I caught them in their review week of leg locks for the Gracie Master Cycle.  Matt briefly reviewed the attacks they had covered over the past few weeks, the associated defenses and then paired us up to work through them for the first half of class.  After that we started a round-robin format, where Matt set the timer and we lightly sparred for a few minutes before rotating to the next individual.

I wouldn’t really say I learned a great deal from a technique aspect point of view (although I did get a few good pointers).  He wasn’t teaching, they were reviewing.  What I did get was a unique opportunity to gauge and compare GJJ-LJ’s Blue Belts against other Gracie Academy Blue Belts I’ve sparred with.  Granted, there are many factors here, such as no one was going full out, it’s not a tournament, we’re specifically reviewing and stopping and talking – but the overall impression of the individual was given and learned within that hour.  It would be unfair for me to judge Matt’s teaching style as a whole since it was a review day and he didn’t necessarily get into teaching any specific technique.  He knew what he was talking about and felt very comfortable leading his students throughout the class.

As a whole, I’d say the Blue Belts were all well versed in their techniques.  They were competent, able to flow from technique to technique and defend themselves with ease.  Which is the primary definition of any Gracie Academy Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt.  They weren’t “grippy”, either.  They didn’t grab hold of my lapel and try and smash and pin me relying on physical effort alone.  They weren’t looking to hold a position.  They were quick to release when it became advantageous for them to do so.  Overall, I was impressed with their transitions and movement.

I can honestly recommend Gracie Jiu-Jitsu La Jolla for anyone interested in training.  I can, and will say, with confidence, that they meet the Gracie Academy standard.  Matt’s review of the techniques were the exact same ones featured in the Master Cycle online videos.


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Sparring with Black Belts

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Sparring with Black Belts.

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