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Jon Jones Fight Shorts $30

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2 hours of filming
5 hours of group classes
1 private class
Sparring 30 min, one morning, one evening, intensity (7-8)

  • -Fast sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • -Allowing partners to move and not submit me
  • -Submitting partners anytime possible
  • -Controlled and safe submissions

KeepItPlayful Tuesday
2 hours of filming
6-7 group classes
3 private classes
Sparring 30 min., one morning, one evening, intensity  (4-5)

  • -Very relaxed sparring
  • -Constant movement
  • – Tap and get tapped flow
  • – Enjoy defeat
  • – Explore all inferior positions

Wednesday “Rest day”
2 group classes
8 private classes
Flow with Private class students
Give extra attention to the psychology of the art in private classes.

Thursday (No gi)
5 group classes
2 private classes
Sparring One 45 min. session intensity (8-9)

  • -6-8 oz gloves and mouthpiece
  • -Jiu-jitsu with striking
  • -Standing start-up
  • -Strikes at 10-15% to show vulnerability
  • -Establish and…

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Get the Fuji Black BJJ Gi for just $70 today on

Fuji Black BJJ Gi

This is a quality gi that will last you nearly forever.

Photograph rights and property of Laura Hensen of GRITZ photography.


This review is brought to you by the good folks at BJJHQ and MAS.  Go check them out.  Then buy something!

This thing is just ugly enough to be pretty.  Kind of like the Honey Badger itself.  Orange and purple highlights stand out perfectly against the black.  Classic Tatami patch work and quality.  Lightweight, comfortable, and great fit.  This bad boy didn’t shrink much or loose any color in the washes.  It doesn’t turn stale and feel like sandpaper when you air dry it, either.  The stitching and quality are great so all around, I really, really like this gi.

And of course, quality design by the great Meerkatsu.  I still haven’t decided if I like this guy or if I’m jealous of his success.  It’s kind of funny because I hate him for making great products!  I’m jealous of his creative acumen!  Too bad his HB v.2 looks even more sic.  You can check out his pre-release review of the HB gi here.


Unfortunately, you can’t wear this gi to the Dojo without being prepared to withstand the barrage of Cobra Kai jokes that are sure to be launched in your general direction.  Then, waiting for you when you get home, will be the continued Facebook remarks of your latest and greatest gi outing.  It only gets better when you wear it back there a second time.  The white belt college student who just finished watching Dodgeball for the 1000th time can’t help but call you the leader of the Purple Cobra’s and start throwing medicine balls at your head!  Do you know how hard it is to dodge 8 lb medicine balls every time you walk into the gym?!?

The good news is that your Halloween costume is already taken care of for this year.  “Joanie loves Chachi!”

In all seriousness, though, the design on this gi is great.  It’s toned down from his original HB rash guard (which I also thought was really impressive) which makes it look great.  The little tweaks around the Tatami patch of the HB’s crawling over are a nice subtle touch.


Photograph rights and property of Laura Hensen of GRITZ photography

This is probably my best fitting and most comfortable gi in my closet right now.  It’s a lightweight hybrid weave that fits like a competition uniform.  On me, the sleeves and legs go down to where they’re supposed to.  Which, you would think, wouldn’t be uncommon.  However, most of my gi’s don’t reach the first knuckle of my thumb (like they’re supposed to).

Since it’s a lightweight, hybrid jacket the collar isn’t overly stiff.  Which I find kind of nice considering less than a year ago it seemed most designers were trying to make their gi collars as hard and stiff as possible.  If you tuck your chin and protect your neck (like a good Jiu-Jitsu practitioner) the collar stiffness doesn’t make a difference.  I don’t want to wear a gi that feels like sandpaper.  No fears here with the Honey Badger.  The Honey Badger don’t give a shit about collar stiffness.  One downfall, I found, to the jacket was that the embroidery on the back will rub and irritate your back.

The pants are 8 oz. twill cotton.  Which is nice because it keeps them comfortable as well.  However, I usually prefer rip-stop.  They haven’t torn yet (and Lord knows my training partners have been trying to tear this thing apart) so it’s been a non-issue thus far.  IF they tear, we’ll see how well they take to patching.  A definite plus to the pants, on top of the cotton comfort, is the drawstring is cord instead of the twill drawstring.  Tatami has made the cord fairly standard in their gi’s, which is great because I HATE twill drawstring.  They never pull tight enough and they stretch and come loose.  It’s habit for me to replace them now with rope from the Home Depot.  Good job, Tatami.


Photograph rights and property of Laura Hensen of GRITZ photography

I really enjoy rolling in this gi.  It fits great.  It’s not too tight but it’s not super loose either.  It’s the perfect mix between a competition cut jiu-jitsu gi and a traditional judo gi.  It can take a beating, that’s for sure.  The sleeves are great for gripping and because they’re the proper length you won’t have any issues executing that new Ezekiel choke you just learned!

A closing thought, I haven’t found any loose threads in the stitching.  Even after multiple wears and washes it hasn’t started to fray anywhere.  Which is pretty impressive considering all the embroidery that is on this gi.  I gave this gi a vinegar bath for its first wash and haven’t noticed any color loss anywhere either.  I don’t know if that’s because of the vinegar bath or because Tatami puts out quality products.  Either way, I’m satisfied.


Like I said, I really like this gi.  Go buy it and wear it often.  You won’t be disappointed in the money spent.  It’s IBJJF competition legal and fits great.  The included gi bag is nice, too.  Cobra Kai!

Photograph rights and property of Laura Hensen of GRITZ photography.

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Fuji BJJ Gi

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LUTA Short Sleeve Laser-Tech MMA Rash Guard

This review is brought to you by the good people at BJJHQ, MMAHQ, and MAS.  Go check them out.  Buy something.  End shameless plug…

Company Background: LUTA
I totally dig the cause and back story of LUTA. A small boxing club was formed on the streets of Brazil, named Luta Pela Paz. It’s Portuguese for “Fight for Peace”. In a community that was wrecked by violence, drugs and poverty; here is a glimmer of light. A place where the community’s youth can escape too, rehabilitate their lives and find something to focus their energy on. That small boxing club has transformed into a multi-combative sport club, that’s transgressed into an athletic wear company, that now has a 50% profit share with their own NGO, Fight for Peace. You can check out LUTA’s page discussing their heritage here.

Initial Impressions

When I first received the LUTA rash guard, I was pleasantly surprised.  It’s material was soft and smooth.  It’s bold white and black design allows it to pair well with almost any gi or shorts in my closet.  I wasn’t really excited about the heat bonded logo on the front.  I did like the placement of the LUTA logo on the top-center of the upper back.  I wasn’t sure about the paneling down the sides.  I was concerned they would cause irritation on the skin in and around the armpit area.

Wear and Comfort

The rash guard wears well enough.  The collar is a bit on the tight side.  When I first wore it I felt as if I was getting choked.  The good news is that you get used to it so it’s not a down side.  The polyester and elastane knitted fabric is very comfortable against the skin.  Again, it’s soft and smooth!  The rash guard also breathes extremely well.  It has kept me the coolest of any rash guard I’ve worn to date.  I usually wear long-sleeve rash guards so the short sleeve feel was a bit different to me.  It actually started to grow on me, especially for wear under my gi.  I still prefer to wear a long sleeve rash guard when playing no-gi for hygienic reasons.

One personal downside, and we’ll chalk this up under “comfort”, is that at the end of a rolling session I look like a fat kid who entered a wet t-shirt contest.  You can see my nipples and the outline of gut and belly-button.  I’m not exactly the thin kid in class so I’m a bit conscious about the way I look.  I want to look cool, damn it, not fat!  If you’re thin or in shape or shaped like Superman, this is a non-factor.  However, if you’re not, this might be a reason to buy the black and yellow version.

The rash guard wicks sweat and heat away from the body.  The paneling does not cause irritation, nor does the double-welded seaming.


This rash guard is really, really soft.  Why?  First, because of the polyester and elastane fabric.  Second, the build.  LUTA’s 6-panel construction using double-welded seams keeps the stitching on the skin to a minimum.  So smooth.  The incorporation of the vented panels down the side are really nice, too.  They breathe well and do an excellent job of venting heat away from the body.


Unfortunately, this rash guard hasn’t held up too well on the mat.  The stitching around the bottom has begun to unravel and the material has unfolded.

Also, the heat bonded chest logo, which isn’t supposed to peel, is beginning to peel.  It’s not a lot of peeling, but it’s enough that I know it’s only going to get worse the more I wear and wash it.

In LUTA’s defense, I have not contacted them about a replacement, but I’m sure their customer service department would replace the rash guard at no cost.  If not, then shame on them.


Overall, I really like the LUTA short sleeve rash guard.  I enjoy the wear and feel of the rash guard, especially under a gi.  I like the welded seeming and underarm panels.  I also really relate to the company profile.  However, there are a few hiccups that would prevent me from purchasing this rash guard, especially at $99.  I don’t like the fact that it makes me look as fat as I am, that the stitching is unraveling and that the chest logo is peeling.  For $99, LUTA can afford sublimated graphics.  3 Out of 5 Stars for this one guys, sorry.  😦

New Tatami Shorts on BJJ HQ Today

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Introducing the brand new Tatami MultiFlex No Gi shorts – and they’re on BJJ HQ today for $35

Tatami Jiu Jitsu Shorts for $35

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